Susannah Otocki

Susannah is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Certified BodyMindMethod Coach and Sound Practitioner. She has been working with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls since 2014. She has completed Crystal Bowl Mastery Level 1 and continues her studies with Ashana.

Her business and website: Blue Lotus Moon Holistic

Video of Susannah Here

Photo by Corinna Roznikov


The Yoga Cummunity at the studio has been our best 'teacher'. We learn from and support each other.Come join in our group!

Elke Pierre

Elke (Milhench) is an instructor and the director of the Marion Yoga Loft. 
She opened The Yoga Loft in the fall of 2007. She is certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, and LifeForce Yoga. She was certified by Paul Jerard of the Aura Wellness Center in Attleboro, MA and by Amy Weintraub, author of 'Yoga for Depression'. Elke has also studied with Richard Freeman, Vyas Houston, Tom Gillette, Ann Greene, Priti Robyn Ross, Bryan Kest, Anna Forrest, and Sean Corn. She is committed to helping others help themselves through yoga and the traditions of yoga - with the focus on living with greater happiness, peace and truth.
Elke is fully certified as a Reiki Master. Elke is also certified by Linda McDonald in The Barre Above Method.

There is lots to love in Elks's classes: she loves giving 'REIKI infused' assists and she always offers a creative flow with a rockin' playlist. MUSIC is a key component to all her classes.

15 Creek Road  Marion, MA  617.816.2133


Elke has been a REIKI Master for over 6 years.

She offers session with 'REIKI Massage": a combo of hands-on and hands off energy healing.  A unique healing combo that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and amazingly cared for. Massage includes neck, shoulders, scalp and feet with essential oils.

30 min $45 | 1 hour $80  

A great gift for friends or yourself.

Call or text 617 816 2133