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​Aroma Flow Yoga


Aroma Flow Yoga: Essential Oils & Vinyasa Flow

$25 | $35 day of | Limited Space
Jenn Risio | Juliet Xifaras | Elke Pierre

Join us to unite the healing benefits of essentials oils with a fluid yoga sequence. Learn about and experience Essential Oils.

Each specific flow of postures will be combined with a scent. Adding an important layer to enriches your practice. Be transformed; again.

And (since you know how Jenn and Elke roll) there will be lots of hands on assist and REIKI energy healing.

After class stay and enjoy tea and continue learning about oils. Try some rum cake,

Try some peppermint brownies. 


Breath Experiments for Anxiety: The Vagus Nerve
Sunday 26, 2-4pm

For absolute beginners, advanced yoga teachers and everyone in between.

How we breathe effects our mind. Our thoughts are dependent on the rhythm and pacing of the breath.

We begin with an experiential immersion of deep listening to the body and breath. Your rib cage will naturally relax and become more open to receive breath. We move into the active phase of practice, in order to mobilize the breath, and gently increase lung volume over time.

Through a series of “Breath Experiments” you will learn effective breath practices for coming out of the mental state of anxiety, and there is one technique that stops a panic attack.

Through a series of slides we study the importance of the Vagus Nerve and the powerful influence breath has on our wellbeing.

The true way to deal with anxiety is to develop a daily breath practice.

Tom Gillette has owned four yoga studios, taught teacher trainings and yoga classes for over 32 years. www.tomgillette.com