The Marion Yoga Loft opened in 2007. My intent was to spread the joy of Yoga. We offer a space that is comfortable and safe; allowing students to travel the path of yoga in their own way. Together we challenge ourselves to find a deeper, quieter, and more connected side of this life.

I love good music to help get the karma flowing and the truth out. I love a challenging class, a deep stretch, long hip openers, hands-on assists, and lots of pranayama. I am grateful for all these great students, their willingness to open up, and our laughter.

Yoga is magnificent, it will change your life, at The Loft we take this seriously while making it real and fun.

Our students and their classes become "like family". You will feel right at home here. Be yourself. Come and we will help you reveal your true power and grace.


 - Elke

Our Story

Open Since 2007

  • Beautiful space
  • variety of levels
  • experienced teachers
  • small town friendly
  • always just what you need
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15 Creek Road  Marion, MA  617.816.2133