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Community Yoga with Emily Bourgeois

Stopped for the summer | Back in Fall Thursday Evenings
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Happy 12th Anniversary to Us!


The Yoga Loft will renovated this fall. We will be putting in hard wood floors, a new heating system, a fresh coat of paint, new website & more. Please check the schedule often to know when we will be closed and when we will have our grand-re-opening. Dates TBA.


A fresh yoga schedule will be released soon. Emily, Sara G, Sara G, Jenn and Anne will all return with their classes;  some at different time. Stay tuned.

Elke will return on a limited basis. She will teach Monday Nights and Saturday mornings, plus a few others yet to be determined. Elke will also focus on special class offerings, training and reiki healing.


Please email us your feedback & ideas: elke@marionyogaloft.com

KUNDALINI with Anne Bramhall

Stopped for the summer | Back in Fall Sunday Evenings



Monday August 12
$5 Community Yoga 9am - 10am with Emily Bourgeois
  Vinyasa Level two/three 6pm - 7:30pm with Jenn Risio (sub)
Wednesday August 14
  Early Morning Vinyasa  6:30 - 7:30am with Sara Gage
  Vinyasa Level 2  9am - 10:15am with Jenn Risio
Thursday August 15
Simply Yoga  9am - 10:30 with Sara Gage

Friday August 16
  POWER Hour 7:30am - 8:30am with Sara Gage

Saturday August 17
Vinyasa Level 2 8:00 - 9:30am with Sara Gage

Monday August 18
  $5 Community Yoga has ended for the summer
  Vinyasa Level two/three 6pm - 7:30pm with Sara Woltz