What if I'm intimidated by this class?

#1) you are not alone

#2) this is not a difficult class

#3) this is new, not out of your reach

#4) No one is watching you (we all just think they are)

#5) Getting out of your comfort zone is intimidating, but that is a good thing. Change comes when we do something different.

#5) Elke is a nice (super real) person.

#6) Just do what you can when you come

#7) You will not regret coming to try this out! We are all new at this great mix

15 Creek Road  Marion, MA  617.816.2133

What is the class called?
When the idea was born is was "THE great MIX"

At this point it's going by "POTENT"

What name do you like best?

The Story (so far) from Elke
If you've read until this point you probably want the whole story. I'm honored. Read on.


I’ve taught Yoga for 15 years. Enter pandemic and menopause and an extra 10lbs. I'm self conscious, self judgmental and uncomfortable in my own body. This is brutal, perpetual, real, ever present and... (not lost on me) NOT very 'yogic'. I know we yoga teachers speak of self acceptance, finding higher self and letting go. My hypocrisy haunts me.

July 2021

My daughter is about to head to her first year of college. This is very difficult for me; like it is for most mothers. In an effort to spend as much time with her as possible I tag along to The BARRE classes she loves. {please visit THE BARRE in New Bedford!}. Its different and familiar. Any one remember Jane Fonda and Gloria Stevens? The counting, the hydrant leg lifts, the burn.... oh help me! I’m a women who has been through the unspoken hell of negative body image and eating disorders. No one talks about this. It is the elephant in the room in all these modalities. Where’s the truth and the true acceptance? Where, how and when do women begin to heal and shift away from this? I’m 51 years old and have not been able to make peace with my own body. Really? Will I every be free? What is health vs reality? vs unhealthy and unhappy body and body image?

August 2021

Some of The BARRE technique I like, and some I do not. I went back often, even after my daughter left. Her absence left me adrift. Starting something different and new was nessessary. Spreading truth and real health became something I loved thinking about and experimenting with.

September 2021

I crave change. I crave a mix of all the things I love and all I want to learn and teach. I call it THE great MIX. I’m not the first, or the last, to mix yoga and Barre. So much I want to put together, learn and pass on. Is there a market for this? People tell me they are interested.

Now I've orderd a lot of props for this class. I've now invested time, money and thought. Stay tuned. I'm now reading Tom Brady's book. Pliability? Longevity? The long list of influencers will be long when I finnaly write it down. (Thank you Linda, lovely woman who came to yoga today, Sept 26. She had the best way of encouraging and teaching me).

October 2021

Research and Development. I love to learn. BARRE was started by a German women in the 1950’s. I am getting certified this month. It's a 8 hour course. What?  That's it? I’m not a ballerina. I never studied ballet. I played Ice hockey in college. Grace anyone?

Come for this ride with me. It will be fun. A learning process. A community effort. Lets be real and gain true health and feel good in our own bodies. 

Now I am certified to teach Barre. I studied with Linda McDonald in The Barre Above Method.

November 2021

Phew! The first three classes were held this week. What courageous and open minded participants! We agree that we were nervous and unsure of our abilities. It all turned out fine.

Students now get to fill out the survey online and give feedback. The class with develop with all the great input.

I thought the class was fun and challenging without blowing you out of the water. I'd really like this class to inspire <not intimidate people. How can we do this?

Fun, Not too fast. Its not too hard. Lots of options to go easier on yourself.

Here's the basic break down:

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 10 minutes CORE
  • 10 Cardio/Barre
  • 10 minutes Barre
  • 30 Minutes Yoga, Stretch, Meditation

...wait..that's more than a hour...? Right! This class looks like it might have to be 90 minutes to get the recipe complete.

Stay tuned! I'll post some info from the surveys here :)

love and gratitude


What's NOT in this mix?

No fast start, No Mirrors, No Barres (we use chairs), No big photos of perfect bodies, No Before and After Pictures, No Judgement. No fancy sox to buy.

​What IS in this mix? An engaged teacher. Real bodies in their alerady perfect state. Calm beginning, setting intention, breath awareness, positive affirmation. CORE strength, Hip and Glute strength for the health of it (not only because you want a tight tush), Shoulder mobility (not just strength) Yoga twists, Hip Opening, Stretching, heart opener in Meditation. Music. Fun cardio. COMMUNITY! ALL LEVELS
please come be a guinea pig


or text Elke to register quick and easy: pay at the door

617 816 2133