​HEPA FILTER During the class we run a highly effective HEPA filter that cleans the air continuously. This air purifier rapidly captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. Equipped with 2 HEPA filters, KJ800 delivers 800m³ clean air per hour, capable of purifying a 180 square feet room in 3 minutes. 

DISINFECTING Between every class the floor, bathroom and all surfaces will be wiped with a disinfectant. We have buckets, mops, gallons of germ killing disinfectant. No shared props.

WINDOWS  For fall we will keep some windows open during class. This won't be exactly comfortable but its worth it.

SPACE Classes are limited to 6 or 8 people. Semi-private class strictly limited to 6 people ($30). Vinyasa classes limited to strictly 8 person $25 or a class package (5 for $100) is available directly through Elke. Text her for purchase 617 816 2133.

INSTRUCTOR Only one instructor in The Loft. Elke will be the only one in and out of the studio to ensure less cross contamination. She will wear a mask when not on her mat and will teach from her mat without a mask.

STUDENTS HELP Students will be responsible by: 1) bringing their own mat and props 2) wearing a mask when not on their mat 3) washing their hands as soon as they enter 4) stay home if they have any symptoms or have been around anyone who has. 5) No hanging out after class inside the studio 6) No hugging (we yoga people find it hard to resist embracing those we love and miss :)

STUDENTS NEED TO KNOW: the instructor will not wear a mask while teaching, instructor will not physically assist students during class, instructor will stay 6 feet from students at all times, windows will remain open during class regardless of weather outside. You will not be allowed in class with any Covid 19 symptoms.

15 Creek Road  Marion, MA  617.816.2133